Mixed Classics


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Sweet and hearty cantuccini made from nuts and dried fruit

Two sweet, two hearty – the box for beginners: our two most popular sweet varieties, the Almond-Classic, almond-crunchy, and the Chocolate-Hazelnut, chocolate-nutty, are contrasted by two of our hearty top favourites: the Mediterranean-fruity Almond-Olive with mild blanched almonds and lots of black olives, and the spicy Peanut-Chili made from blanched peanuts and fiery ground chili peppers.


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Ingredients (per 100g)

Almonds*(72g), rice sweetener*, water*, coconut blossom sugar*, ground wholemeal rice*.

Blanchedalmonds* (77g), dried Botja olives* (31g), water, ground wholemeal rice*.

hazelnuts*(67g), rice sweetener*, water, cocoa powder* (Criollo variety) (5g), coconut blossom sugar*, ground wholemeal rice*.

Peanuts* blanched (89g), water, wholemeal rice* ground, chili* (2g), sea salt

*Organically grown

EU/non-EU agriculture

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